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5 Home Office Design Ideas


A home office is a valuable space for today’s professional.  The purpose of your office will help determine the best layout and design for your needs. If you work from home or spend time on hobbies or crafts, you might want to consider a larger office space. You can add on to your home or convert an existing spare room into a functional home office with everything you need.

A home office does not necessarily have to be a large, impressive space to get the job done.  If you are pressed for space or a home addition is not in your budget, you can set up a great workspace within your home that will provide you with an area of solitude to focus on your work. Homework rooms and hobby rooms are gaining in popularity and can be a great way to utilize home office space.

Home office design ideas and tips to get you started:

  • Set up your desk in front of a window to make use of natural light.
  • Convert an unused corner of your home into a workspace. This might be an existing guest room, a family room, or even under or around the staircase, this is a great way to save space and create your own private work area.
  • Use an armoire or a unique vintage table as your desk to add a focal point and flair to your space.
  • Utilize vertical space. If your home office is small, try adding a bookshelf or vertical cabinets to maximize storage and shelf space for your office supplies.
  • If you are creating a small home office, consider adding pocket doors to add privacy to your office when you have guests or need a break.

Whether you want to add an addition onto your home, convert an existing room, or build a custom home from the ground up, La Maison Home Builders in Sarasota and Manatee County can help you bring your vision to life. We have years of experience with custom home building, and our Small Projects Team ensures that you do not have to worry about calling different people to do different projects around your home. We do it all! Contact us today to learn more.