7 Smart Tech Ideas for Your Home - LaMaison Homes
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7 Smart Tech Ideas for Your Home

Technology is such an integral part of our daily life.  We spend 89% of our awake hours connected to something. So naturally, it is becoming more popular and more cost effective to outfit your home with smart technology.  The majority of new construction homes being built include smart home features. Retrofitting an older home makes it much more attractive in the resale market place. It also gives you peace of mind for when you are away. Technology keeps advancing, and now it is easier than ever to manage your home while away and to simplify tasks around the house.

7 smart tech ideas for your home:

  • Smart lock: Go keyless with a smart lock that you can unlock via your smart phone
  • Light dimmers: Control the lights anywhere in your home with a smart light panel
  • Wi-Fi enabled thermostat: Adjust the temperature easily using your smart phone
  • Security camera: Keep an eye on your home while you are away. While this is not a new thing, security cameras have gotten a lot smarter. You can check in to a live feed via your smartphone, and some devices even allow you to talk and listen in.
  • Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker: Schedule your coffee to start brewing without ever having to leave your bed.
  • Smart shower control: Use touch screen controls to adjust temperature levels.  Bluetooth speakers can be programmed to come on when you step into the shower.   

These are just some of the new smart home features on the market today.  There are many more, and technology will only continue to advance. LaMaison Custom Home Builders in Sarasota specialize in custom home building, renovations, and small projects. If you are interested in outfitting your home with smart tech or building a custom home in Sarasota, please contact us today to schedule a consulation!