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Sarasota Bathroom Remodeling by LaMaison

8 Bathroom Trends for 2018

Is it time for an update to the bathroom in your home? The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel and brings one of the highest returns on investment when selling your home. Here are some bathroom trends for 2018 to consider:


– Spa Shower: The shower is gaining more square footage and spa-like fixtures like rain showerheads and steam features are gaining popularity.

– Vamped Up Vanities: Double vanities are continuing to make a presence. Vertical storage is a great option to save space. Floating vanities are so in vogue right now. As are vanities with drawers. Homeowners are also getting creative with the lighting fixtures by adding small pendant lights, dimmers, and even chandeliers over free standing soaking tubs. We are totally in love with faucets and light fixtures attached to vanity mirrors for a modern vibe.

– Vessel Sinks: Turn the sink into a focal point of the room with a vessel sink. They come in a variety of colors and materials. Rectangle sinks are a LaMaison favorite right now!

– Accessibility: Think about the future by making your bathroom accessible with things like no threshold showers, a shower bench, wider doorways, lower electrical outlets and other small additions to aid you later in life or for elderly family members that may visit or eventually need to move in. Read more about aging in place in an accessible but still aesthetically pleasing space.

– Go Green: Consider adding a water saving toilet and showerhead to your bathroom. Also adding some plants into the bathroom is great for décor and they love the steam!

– Unique Tile Designs: While white tile will always be a popular option, homeowners are starting to experiment more with bolder tile designs in the bathroom. Colorful patterns and textured designs are gaining popularity. We love colored glass subway tiles!!

– High-Tech Bathrooms: The bathroom is going high-tech. Things like built-in waterproof speakers, smart toilets, heated floors, and voice activated lights are just some of the ways you can incorporate technology into your bathroom.

– Natural Stone: This gives your bathroom a unique texture and pattern. Incorporate natural stone as a vessel sink, tile, or flooring. Travertine on shower floors and walls is a stunning look!


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Whether you are looking to do some small updates or a full remodel to your bathroom, La Maison Custom Home Builders can help you with your project. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs!