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Flooring Design

Flooring:  A Key Design Element

When taking on a remodel or building a new home it is easy to get caught up in design aspects such as color scheme, layouts and treatments.  However, an often underappreciated design element is the flooring. Flooring sets the tone of the entire home and from a design perspective; it is considered one of THE major element and must be given thought and attention.


Trending Away from Carpet

Floors take the brunt of the traffic in your home.  When considering options for flooring, beyond the obvious aspects of style, color and material, you should also consider wear ability and upkeep.  Understanding this, many people are moving away from carpet and toward hard surfaces which have built in longevity and are easier to maintain.


Design Choices

Once you have chosen the overall style of the home, whether traditional, modern, coastal, Art Deco, etc… you can enhance that style with materials and patterns in your choice of flooring.  Decide if you want to make a statement with the flooring or if you want it to be a secondary design element and fade into the background.


Enhance Space with Flooring

Color, texture and pattern can make for a great visual impression and can also help the home feel more spacious, here’s how:

The actual pattern layout of the floor can have a noticeable visual impact on your space. Using a larger wood plank or tile helps create a feeling of a larger spaces.

The direction you choose to lay the flooring can make a room appear larger.  Laying hardwood or tile on the diagonal will increase the overall feel of volume in close quarters.

Consider a dark flooring color in combination with cooler tones on the walls to give rooms an expansive look.

Finally, using the same type of flooring throughout the home creates a cohesive look that will tie one room to another, creating a more spacious feeling overall.

Flooring is a key design element that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your home.  Implementing any or all of these tips can help maximize the impact of you flooring design choices.