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Ideas to Consider for Your Age in Place Home Remodel

Age In Place remodeling is a great way to make sure that you or your family member can live comfortably and securely at home. There are many different degrees of needed age in place remodeling, ranging from merely adding a railing to installing an elevator.

Aging in place remodeling is mainly focused on preventing falls and injuries for your elderly or handicap loved one.  This includes updates such as installing grab bars, widening door and hallways, and lowering electrical outlets to easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, and making things easier to reach and use.

It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for an aging in place home remodel, as everyone has unique needs. This is why La Maison Home Remodel does a full consultation to assess what the best aging in place solutions are for you and your situation.

Here are some ideas to consider for your aging in place home remodel:

  • Universal design: If you are thinking about aging in place for the future, universal design might be a good option for a remodel or if you are having a custom home built. Universal design means that products and places are designed so that they can be used by as many people as possible without the need for any modifications. Common features of universal design include no-step entry, wide hallways and doorways, thresholds level with the floor, and one-story living.
  • Bathroom upgrades: The bathroom is usually the first place that needs to be adjusted for an age in place home remodel. If you do not already have a first-floor full bathroom, that is something you should strongly consider. Also, converting the shower to a curb-less shower with grab bars and a bench.  Also toilets that are higher off the ground/comfort height, make it easier to stand up.
  • Kitchen conveniences: The next room you might want to consider upgrading is the kitchen. Some things to consider are installing flooring that is more comfortable to stand on, adding seats at the counter so that you can sit comfortably while cooking, making appliances easy to reach and open, and cabinets with pull out or pull-down shelves to minimize reaching.  Lowering electrical receptacles and light switches will be helpful for handicap or elderly family members.
  • Bedroom ideas: You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so having a comfortable and accessible space is important. Consider adding a first-floor bedroom. If it is not possible to do that, you may need to think about adding a chairlift or elevator to your home. Another simple but helpful idea is to add safety rails on the bed to make it easier to get in and out.

These are just some ideas to consider for your Age In Place home remodel.  If you are interested in learning more about Age In Place remodeling in Sarasota or the surrounding areas, please contact a La Maison Homes contractor to discuss further. We build custom homes and have the experience and knowledge to help you decide on whether Age In Place is the right fit for you and what the best solutions are for your unique situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.