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Professional Bathroom Remodeling In Sarasota, Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch

A bathroom remodel can be just the value-added renovation that will either make your home complete, or perhaps be the finishing touch in looking at your home from the perspective of a buyer’s needs. You may want a bathtub, a snail shower, or a combination bath/shower, and his and her sinks. If there are space constraints, LaMaison will work to enlarge available space or work within the confines of available space to beautify and enhance the efficiency of your current bathroom. There are so many quality products to consider in your Sarasota bathroom remodeling project – for showers, faucets, bathtubs, etc. – we will make your dream bathroom come true!

Remodeling for Space Solutions

Bathrooms pose a particular space challenge. LaMaison can evaluate your older, undersized bathroom and create solutions to get the most out of a tiny space. Borrowing from an adjacent space, whether a bedroom or a closet, might give a bathroom extra breathing room and improve overall functionality. And modern fixtures and bathroom cabinetry are much more space-efficient than their older counterparts. For today’s homeowners, multiple tubs in a home aren’t necessary, and a more practical use of space can include a large shower stall. If you’ve always dreamed of a spa-like master bathroom suite with double sinks and a generous shower stall, a reconfiguration of your master bath and bedroom could be all it takes to achieve your desired room.

A LaMaison bathroom remodeling project begins with a survey of the homeowners’ wishes and needs.

Bathroom Remodeling – Questions to Ask

  • How does the bathroom’s current location impact the design?
  • Is the homeowner concerned more with luxurious details?
  • How does the home’s age and style impact the aesthetics of the bathroom?
  • Are there any “must haves”? Deluxe shower? Whirlpool tub? Double-sink vanity?
  • How can we achieve the best design for the budget?
  • What storage considerations should be incorporated into the design? His and her closets? Linen closets? Built-in shelving?

There are many new top-of-the-line materials available to extend the life and beauty of your bathroom fixtures; there are color and texture choices. Our bathroom installation crews have the tools and the expertise to help you design, install, and maximize the beauty of your bathroom, meeting all construction timelines. Our trustworthy bathroom remodeling craftsmen will do the job efficiently and with your home protected throughout, leaving it neat and clean on a daily basis.

As a design-build firm in the Bradenton/Sarasota area, LaMaison maximizes function with an eye toward smart and innovative design in every bathroom remodel. Our award-winning team of architects, interior designers and craftsmen work together to design and build a bathroom suited just for you and your home.

Holistic Bathroom Design. Necessity Meets Luxury

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, we look at the whole picture. A LaMaison bathroom design is holistic. The remodel can be as simple as redoing the space within its current footprint, but it is more typically a project involving the redesign and reconfiguration of a cramped, outdated bathroom and master bedroom. Many older Sarasota/Bradenton area homes have bathrooms that are considered too small by today’s standards.

Based upon years of experience renovating older homes, LaMaison is able to efficiently maximize space and minimize cost when tackling a master bathroom renovation. We understand that simple solutions—from new cabinetry to glass shower stalls—are just as important as reconfiguring interior space. Whether your bathroom remodel is large or small, we can create an open and relaxing space to fit your lifestyle.

Clean Details. Beautiful Bathroom

Whether it’s a long-awaited master bathroom suite or a brand new guest bathroom, we understand that the details make all the difference. A LaMaison bathroom remodel will take the concept of ample storage and turn it into a gorgeous design feature.

A bench with built-in shelving for toiletries turns a spacious shower stall into the bathroom’s best design and storage feature. Tired of your dim, dreary bathroom? LaMaison will harness natural light to make your space shine. The addition of a window over a vanity or a skylight in a shower stall can eliminate the need for artificial light and contribute a sense of calm to a room that should provide a break from life’s stresses.

Bathroom Remodeling – The LaMaison Way

A successful bathroom remodel is one that not only takes into account your ideal design but also considers the impact construction will have on your daily life. When you hire LaMaison for your bathroom remodel, work is carefully scheduled and coordinated to minimize disruptions to your home. Our Project Manager will manage every step of the project, ensuring that deliveries and subcontractors arrive on schedule and without incident. We are committed to professionalism in every project. Bathrooms may be one of your home’s smallest rooms, but they deserve the same attention as a massive kitchen renovation. 

At LaMaison we take pride in turning your bathroom into the dream space that you have always envisioned. No matter your budget, we can accommodate a custom design for you. From simple updates to a complete renovation, we will be with you every step of the way. Let us make your dream a reality.

LaMaison specializes in custom bathroom remodeling and design-build in the Lakewood Ranch, Manatee, Sarasota and surrounding counties.Call us for a free consultation today at 941-779-7170 or send us an email and we will contact you promptly!