Sarasota Custom Remodeling | Beautiful, Quality Work.
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Custom Remodeling In Sarasota, Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch

Custom details are all about you: your personality, your likes, your passions and your own sense of luxury. Bespoke, unique, one-of-a-kind. These are all qualities of a LaMaison custom interior design detail. As a part of your home remodel, our team of architects and interior designers will work with you to design and build exquisite custom details. When used wisely and prudently, custom details can enhance not only everyday living but also the value of your home.

Home custom details are always the product of thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship. At LaMaison, we pride ourselves on designing custom features for our clients’ homes. We know how to incorporate cost-effective details without overindulging. A small detail can go a long way in making your house feel like a home!

Personalize Your Home with Custom Remodeling

Custom details are a way to turn a house into a unique home. A LaMaison home remodel can transform your Bradenton/Sarasota home and add special details and features that fit your lifestyle and design preferences. Our team of home architects and interior designers will work with you to build custom details into your space, whether that space is a kitchen, a bathroom or a lanai. Used strategically, custom home details like wainscot, special shape windows and more will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Custom Carpentry

Trim carpentry and custom cabinet installation can add the finishing touches to your home that highlight the difference between custom and routine construction and installation. Our skilled craftsmen at LaMaison want nothing less than superior custom carpentry for the homes of our valued clients, and we can deliver. When considering any carpentry, know your results should exhibit precision alignment and the styling you prefer, that compliments the rest of your home décor.

You might also want to consider refinishing or antiquing your current cabinets, which might be a better fit for your budget. There are numerous painting/staining colors and finishing techniques available.   We will find the solutions for your unique needs. The cabinet installation experts at LaMaison can meet or exceed your expectations for quality cabinets and trim that will add the wow factor you wish for your home. Crown molding, fireplace mantels, built in shelving, French doors all take your home to the next level for an upscale look with a higher return on investment. Tell us what you envision and we will provide it!

Custom Flooring

When choosing flooring, you can diversify your options in various rooms of your home or commercial property. Whereas you might want something warmer and cozier in a living area, like a wood, floating laminate or carpeted floor; in a man cave or lanai you might want a snazzy stained concrete floor, or tile. There are lots of options to choose from, and the foundation has to be just right under all of them.  You might even want to try a cork floor in your kitchen for comfort in standing.

The friendly, helpful flooring experts at LaMaison can help you choose what is right for you when you are ready to remodel or you have a new home under construction. In Florida, you have to consider the humidity and potential for mold or water damage if you are near a body of water and a hurricane hits. There are also “green” options for flooring, that use recycled materials – like a ceramic tile or bamboo flooring. You will find that our flooring experts will have current knowledge of flooring materials and construction as well as how to install them.

Remodeling Walls

You have to have the basics – the walls defining your rooms and their finishing touches are important! A great dry walling and painting application will set the tone for your rooms, and make them inviting. Our expert painting and dry walling technicians at LaMaison use only the best quality drywall with the most up-to-date techniques and tools to make it a great application. By using HEPA filtered vacuums attached to sanders, we can even eliminate up to 95% of the sanding dust, and greatly reduce the irritants in the air. We keep it as painless as possible for our customers.

The attention to detail is what counts with both dry walling and painting – and keeps our customers coming back. With superior quality paints, numerous methods with which to apply them, and many colors and textures to choose from, we can give your walls the ‘wow factor’ – or be more subdued. All to your taste and choices! If you have paneling to hide, no problem! By using the right methods, it can be dry walled right over it – avoiding the tedious job of taking it down. You show us your ideas and LaMaison professional drywallers and painters will make it happen.

Add Special Features

We all have a favorite, whether it’s passion for Italian architecture or a love of arched windows and doors. Let LaMaison feature your favorite. A thoughtful design can incorporate arched French doors and windows into a kitchen without overdoing it. An inset pattern adds unique detail to stone paving. Paneled wood wainscot enhances a library. Period-specific details, such as subway tiles in a kitchen or bath, can evoke your favorite era and maintain your home’s charm. If your passion involves the outdoors, LaMaison can effortlessly incorporate little details to make the home your own. Strategic placement of customs details is the key to a home that doesn’t feel haphazard or mass produced.

A Stunning Collection

Many homeowners are collectors. From antique plates to pottery, from glassware to artwork, LaMaison can design an innovative way to display your collection. A custom plate rack for your treasures can be incorporated into your new kitchen or dining room. A custom shelf built with plate rail is an unobtrusive way to highlight a photo collection. Built-in bookshelves around a media center will uniquely display your rare book collection or beloved music collection. No matter what decor you want to showcase or passion you want to incorporate in your design, custom design details by LaMaison can display it in a beautiful, creative way.

No matter where you are in Bradenton, Sarasota, Ellenton or surrounding area, LaMaison has you covered. If you want a home that is perfect for you and your family, contact LaMaison today.